Pulsar Helion XQ30F Thermal Monocular 2.5-10x30


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Jan 24, 2008
This has been SOLD - Pulsar Helion XQ30F Thermal Monocular 2.5-10x30

SOLD- SOLD, Condition is like new, check out pictures. Paypal FF is ok.

This is what you need for hunting hogs, elk, deer, coyotes,... use to either locate them for the hunt or find them if wounded, especially if it's getting dark? Don't loose that big buck or bull this year! If he doesn't go down on impact, which they mostly never do, you can use this to help track him down, to find him for the kill. Also great for off season for security around the house and property, detects targets out to 800 meters, you can see if someone is trespassing without putting a rifled thermal scope on them. This is also very compact, more so than the rifle scopes. All good reasons you should have one of these. Get this one and save.

Pulsar Helion XQ30F Thermal Imaging Scope. I just got my Thermal monocular this week and did we were going to be buying two Karastan Rugs so my night vision toys are going to have to wait, had hoped for this unit and a scope, will have to hold on to the scope and get one of these again in the future. I got this from a Hide member this month (July), who purchased it new this year. I have tested the unit in my house, works like new. Priced for quick sell. Cutting-edge new thermal imaging monocular Helion from Pulsar is a result of long research and development process. Helion incorporates the latest developments in the field of thermal imaging to provide the best image quality and user experience.

Product Info for Pulsar 2.5-10x22mm Thermal Imaging Scope Helion XQ30F
Sensor: 384x288 @ 17 µm
Objective Focus – 30 mm
Detection range: 800 m
Color palettes: 8, Hot White, Hot Black, Hot Red, Red Monochrome, Rainbow, Ultramarine, Violet and Sepia
Wi-Fi module: integrated
Video / sound recorder: integrated
Operating temperatures: -25 … +50 °C
Dimensions: 9 x 2.2 x 2.3”
Weight: 15.9 oz
FOV: 65.4 feet @ 100 Yards
Eye Relief: 16 mm
Display: AMOLED 640-480
Battery Type: 8-Pack (18650 Li-ion)
Operations Time: 8 Hours
Optic Details: Close Focus Distance: 3 meters

Pulsar Thermal Imaging Helion XQ30F as a high image frequency and quick start up users will not miss a beat while out in the great outdoors. Pulsar Thermal Imaging Scope Helion XQ30F has a quick change power supply and external battery supply which keeps your scope running and reliable.

Package Contents:
· Thermal Imaging Scope Helion XQ30F
· Original box
· Carrying case
· User manual
· Dual cable: video and external power supply
· Power supply plug
· Hand strap
· Cleaning cloth

Note: Pulsar fully supports this model because it’s one of their latest models, Helion. Pulsar just decided to only go with three models in this line to match their three Trail scope models (Helion 28/38/50 & Trail 28/38/50). There is still new inventory of these being sold For $2500 and up the lower model XQ28F for sold for $2200+.

Pictures show How compact it is:


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