SOLD/EXPIRED PTG one piece Bolt Body R700 Small face $125

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Nov 24, 2007
Near Mt Rainier
Brand new, still in the box, Remington 700 bolt body, fully machined one piece with handle. I left the box unopened from Pacific Tool & Gauge and took pictures of similar bolts that are completed. The bolt body and handle is finished with "small diamonds" and is brightly polished. The photo shows the small diamonds, the bright one shows the factory finish the black one is Nitrocarburized. The face is sized for the .222/.223 family of Remington cartridges but could be opened up for the PPC or .30/06 .308 head size. The firing pin hole is for the small .062 firing pin. The bolt face is slotted for the small Sako extractor. The bolt body will need to be fitted by a qualified riflesmith. The bolt will need a small diameter firing pin, small Sako extractor, factory ejector and spring(Cut the spring in half so you can reload the cases and they don't land 2 benches over.) The one piece bolt is machined from chrome-moly steel and can be blued, case hardened or nitrocarburized. If this is done with the factory bolt, the handle is brazed on and could fall off or the head space changed.

Sold 11:57March 24, 2015 to Eddie


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