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    Feb 12, 2011
    I am contemplating selling my PSE TAC-15 only to be able to move to the TAC-15i. I do not want to be without one before I get the other, but I thought I might post this for sale to see if anyone might have interest.

    I bought the upper unit about 1 year ago, and it has been an absolute tack driver. I recently sent the prod (bow part) back to PSE to look over as I was having string issues. They checked everything out and put brand new strings and cables on. It is shooting bullet holes right now through paper and I just shot a 3/4" 60 yard group with it the other day.

    It is in great shape, but does have some small wear areas on the cocking mechanism, but overall it is in great shape. Here are a few pics.




    I will take $1000 obo for the bow. This does not include the lower, the HHA Optimizer, or the scope pictured above. It is only the bow and the included crank. It does have brand new strings and cables and is ready to go on your upper.

    Pm me or email me for more details or a phone number and I will call you to discuss it further. My email is [email protected]

    Thanks for looking.