Progressive press advice wanted

Save up your $$$$$ and get a Dillon.
We bought an RCBS 2000 Pro Five Station and loaded 9mm, .45, .380. Jill and I would shoot 1K to 2K a month of Pistol and the 2000 Pro served us well. Once it was set up you could just crank out the cartridges. At the time this was the BEST RCBS had. Didn't know much about Progressive reloaders so thought that it was the NUTS. Wish it was a SEVEN Stations like the newest one.

Get yourself a Dillon, there are more options than RCBS, But the RCBS SEVEN Station is nice.
One thing is that the there is a cost for the Progressive Press and then a LOT more $$$$ spending options and additional dies.
Does anyone have a certain place that they recommend to buy a Dillon from if I decide to go that route? Is there a vendor here that I should support?

I've never owned or even seen one in person but I have started loading 223/5.56 and pistol ammo and I see that the single stage and higher volumes are not necessarily going to go hand in hand. It can probably be done but I'm lazy and looking at options and for opinions. Before anyone asks, I don't know exactly what my budget is. I'd like to have the top of the line, punch a few buttons and walk away set-up but that's definitely not in my budget. I'd like to get in as inexpensive as I can but I don't want to buy a 4 stage and wish I had gotten a 5 or a 5 and wish I had gotten a 7 or 10 or whatever.

Looking for advice from those who have been down this road before and can help someone wanting to learn and make life easier. I'm not an engineer but I am pretty well mechanically inclined.

Thanks folks!
I bought a Dillon 550 just after they came out. I load bottleneck rifle and straight wall pistol. I've loaded tens of thousands of rounds. Only problem was a couple of springs weakened over several decades. Dillon replaced them no charge. Get a Dillon.
The APP works fantastic for processing pistol brass...I know you can use it for .223/5.56 as well, but I have not tried it. Swaging is pretty quick and easy, especially compared to handling each piece of brass separately. Here's a short video I found of someone using the APP to swage .223/5.56:

Another important advantage of the APP, you can easily adjust the amount of swage. Yes, one should separate brass by headstamp, and start!

APP will deprime OR swage 1000 cases in less than an hour.