Problems with the Wife.


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Jan 7, 2003
Swartz creek Mi
**** I bet you very seldon here a sentence start like that? The old lady goes to the safe to take out the 1911 45 her and some of the ladies go to the Range to blow off about 300 rounds.
Ya thats right about 300 and when she opens the safe and finds another rifle!!What can I say?
are you sure you arnt lossing it? I have had that rifle before your father died..and She gives you the look. OHHH **** I AM BUSTED, than she sees there is a Ruger .22 OH! that my Daughters..
She won'ts me to teacher and spend more time with me at the Range. What a Girl..I still think she takes after her mom..A babe. Both of my girls love to shoot the rifles too..My oldest kicked the *** of a guy in there range my .223 is a MOA at its best. hell she was off the bench killing
water bottles at 100yards, I let them shoot any time they won't as long as it's at the Range.
I guess I am just lucky, I think I own to many rifles most arnt here the good ones are locked away just so the wife won't find them.

Now for the bad news,, inageon what it feels like to have a K-BAR between your Spine and you cant die, well that what its like today..
I called my DR he had me come in and he gave me a shot one in the leg another in the back.
Much better, its like I am walking on clouds, I go in tomorow for a MRI and another go round of shots.
Smoking a wild woodweed just wont help me.