Problem gun


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Jun 11, 2022
I have only had a couple. Guns that refused to group consistently. One, I fixed by re-crowning. This one is causing some head scratching.

300 Win Mag, Winchester CRF mod 70, Shilen barrel, McMillan A3 stock, Leupold VX-6, 3-18x56.

I have tried RL-22 and H4831SC. 190 Nosler Custom Competition (identical to SMK), 180 Nosler Accubond and 175 Custom Competition.

Most groups are 1.2" or so. It will shoot a .5" then a 1"+ with the same load. No load has shot consistently good groups.

I'm shooting 3 shot groups, letting the gun cool between shots and shooting 2 other rifles.

This gun is a new build. Straight from the gunsmith.

Rifle is bedded.

More than adequate clearance between stock and barrel from 3" in front of tang.

Indoor Air conditioned 100 yard range.

I can make mistakes shooting, but this is not me. When I pull a shot, I know it and either don't count it or I can call it close enough to get an accurate measurement.

I'm shooting great little groups with the 7 mag 308 and 6.5 CM between crappy groups with the 300 WM.

I have played with seating depth, taking it all the way out to 3.535". Helps, but no consistency.

I gave a friend a rifle a while back chambered in 300 win mag it likes H 1000 and the burger 185 juggernauts I don't know what supplies you have on hand but this has
worked for me
A new build straight from the gunsmith you say?

Put it back in his hands. He didn't test it? It's time to find out if you had the work done by a gunsmith or a monkey with a lathe.
Good advice. He is a competent gunsmith. I trust their abilities.

I should mention that I only paid him to re-barrel and chamber a mod 70 action. No stock, no scope, nothing but fit and chamber barrel. I didn't give him a stock to test it in. I told him I'd take care of the rest.

I did the bedding and everything after that.
Is it the larger recoil lug and is it rocking or binding on it ? Seen that before is why I ask. Besides the usual
I did the bedding. I didn't tape the front of the recoil lug because … I forgot. It's tight in there. Fits really tight. I can easily relieve the front area with a dremmel and touch up the bedding if it's a serious concern.

This is something I considered, as it's the only variable that's different from my other guns that shoot well.