Probably a stupid question


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Oct 13, 2022
Question: it is my understanding, it’s being said to seat the bullet to where the boatail is at or above the neck shoulder junction. I have always put the boat tail at or above the case, body and shoulder junction. I avoid compressed loads, and I don’t use up any powder case capacity.

If the bullet allows for this i.e. has enough bearing surface in the neck, what is the advantage to having it seated at the neck shoulder instead of the case, body and shoulder junction?
Tell me you’re a 7mm fan without telling me you’re a 7mm fan… hahaha.


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Jan 5, 2004
Someone had mentioned hand loads for my 30.06 would improve so it got me thinking.
It can. What are you looking to improve?
Are bullets for example, the prc and cm longer, seated shallower in the case or both? Do bullet profiles like this fit in cases like 30.06 or would there not be enough room in the mag and chamber?
The cartridges are designed with a bigger “head height”. Head height is basically the distance from the case mouth to the end of the bullet or lands. The whole system, magazine, throat, cartridge are all designed to have more head height.
the real determining factor will be one of two things, how long your throat length is and how long of ammo your magazine system will accept.
Bingo. Does it fit in the mag? Does it fit in the chamber? Sometimes the mag can be modified with a new mag or bolt stop change. The chamber can be “throated”.
I do my best to provide a dummy round so the gunsmith knows how I want my action chambered.
This is key on a custom build, even though I often fail to do this…:(
Seating the bullet at least one caliber into the neck is kind of the old rule of thumb standard. Works just fine but there is no real basis behind it.
Their may be no basis, but I find accurate loads at this point. Too far out seems to be unstable(except in my 6PPC). Too far in robs powder room. This said this is really a super fine detail. That isn’t well established, imo.
i generally start load development with my custom rifles with the bullets seated at 0.010” off the lands and seldom need to play with seating depth at all to find a good 1/2 moa class accuracy load.
I do similar. 0.030” for std bullets and 0.050” for monos…..except Hammers which like 0.020”, I hear and see with my own.

So, what would I do to improve a 30’06. Find a std bullet you likes in the 165-180gr weight range. Seat it to 0.030” off the lands. Load a pressure ladder to find pressure signs. Back off 1 gr. Then load 20 and shoot into the target. What group and sd did I get from those 20? If that group gets bigger than 1.5”….pull the rest. Drop a grain and try again to get 20 under 1.5”. 2 fails….try a new component….bullets, then powder…