primitive shooter?

I am trying to pick it up, takes alot of shooting time, recurve. My hunting buddy is Mt state overall champ, so I HAVE ONE F HIS old bows, Im not good but enjoy the shooting.
I'm just starting to build my own bow and then to shoot instinctual. just looking for the ways to learn how to shoot, techniques and other stuff. keep in touch.
Been shooting and hunting with longbow since 89,had a great uncle show me some of his shooting and gave me a few tips and I was Hooked ! I follow thru with the traditioal bowhunter mag and primitive archer mag. Both of these mags send you in the right direction. I did try making my bow(hahaa),lots of good people out there to do that and I found out that I donot have the skills for it .But I wish you the best with yours,some have it some don't ,I will never have it Hahahaa!
No long range hunting with mine as I limit my shots to 25 yds or less if I can,don't know how long I will be able to keep hunting with one as I have had shoulder trouble at times! Good luck with yours! And yes it takes a lot of shooting time as is any thing worth doing its what you put into it ,but its better than watch the tard box!
Ok so far i figured out that this has something to do with bow hunting and/or bow shooting, so what is primitive or instinctual?
Been hunting with a recurve for 20+ years. My traditional bowhunting buddies look at me funny when I tell a long range rifle hunting story and my rifle hunting buddies look at me funny when I talk about hunting with the recurve and needing to get to under 25 yards.

If they open a trebuchet season, I'm in for that too!

Primitive usually refers to bows with no modern material (fiberglass, aluminum, etc) maybe all wood (one single piece is a selfbow) or horn and wood or bamboo, hide. sinew.

Instinctive is a generic term for shooting with no sights.
Don, thanks for the response, now I understand a little better the jargon.
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