Primer Update About Expansion Industries Primers

Reloaders and shooters have been taking a hit ever since Obama (himself) made a mandate that no government surplus ammunition or weapons can be sold to the public. This has allowed the alphabet agencies to buy billions of rounds of ammo to soak up the supply. The government has also deemed that this ammo will be destroyed after 3 years storage because they tell us it will go bad after that time. (Lets not forget that without the stockpile of munitions left from WWI we couldn't have supplied Europe with munitions before we got into WWII) Biden told us that Lake City would lose their military contracts with the U.S. and Nato if they sold ammunition to private citizens after they built 2 lines to supply the civilian market. This manipulation goes against the Constitution and needs to stop. Remember when Obama said he could control guns by regulating ammunition? Now we have states that require I.D. to buy ammo and you are put on a data base, they can do this because data base records for ammunition do not fall under the firearms records laws that are in place. (The firearms records are by law supposed to trashed after a period but are illegally kept in a data base in Clarksburg WV. and not destroyed.) Happy Shooting.

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