For Sale *Price Drop* - WTS: Redding Competition Bushing Neck Sizing Die Set - 338 Lapua Mag


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Jan 26, 2005
I have a used Redding Competition Bushing Neck Sizing Die Set for 338 Lapua Mag (P/N: 58594).

It includes the following items:

- Competition Bushing Neck Sizing Die: Similar in design concept to Redding's Competition Seating Die, the cartridge case is completely supported and aligned with the sizing bushing before the sizing process begins.
- Body Die: Body Dies are designed to full length resize the case body and bump the shoulder position for proper chambering without disturbing the case neck.
- Competition Seating Die: The Redding Competition Bullet Seating Die features a seating stem precision ground to exactly match bullet diameter. The micrometer is calibrate in .001” increments for precise seating depth and is infinitely adjustable (without clicks).
- Original case that the die set came in

It does not include:

- A Neck bushing. Didn't originally come with the die set. You select this according to the brass you are using and the neck tension you want.
- Small Allen wrenches (2) that came with the dies. These are standard and something you would most likely have on-hand or could be cheaply acquired.

This die set is perfectly suitable for full-length sizing your brass. It is just done in two-steps. First you body size the brass and bump the shoulder appropriately, then you size the neck with the appropriate neck bushing. The micrometer neck die allows you to precisely control how much of the neck you size.

Theres a few scuffs on the adjustment rings and possibly the die bodies. Nothing that impairs function. This set normally sells new for $399+. I'm asking $285 now $265 shipped (CONUS). Money order or Cashiers check preferred. THIS IS LISTED ON MULTIPLE SITES. The first public "I'll take it" gets precedence over PM offers. I'll go by timestamp if multiple offers are received.


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