Price changes in 2010


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Dec 3, 2007
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Price changes in 2010
Historically each January brings new price books from each manufacturer. If they are not here by January 1st they are waiting at each companies booth at SHOT in mid January.
This year there were some differences....
Vortex lowered the price on their Viper series of Riflescopes as well as their Fury line of Binoculars. Vortex has also already announced a line of Tactical Viper PST Series Riflescopes as well as Recon Spotters and Binoculars.
Zeiss lowered the price of their Conquest 3-9x40 #20 Z-Plex to $399.99.
Leica lowered the prices on their top of the line Ultravid HD series of binoculars. Their generous rebate program has ended on the Geovids, however, we want to show our appreciation to the members here so we have decided to give an extra $300.00 off on the Geovid 8x42 #40028 & $250.00 on the Geovid 15x56 #40034. Just mention this forum when you order to get that extra discount. This makes the price $1499.99 on the Geovid 8x42 #40028 & $1749.99 on the Geovid 15x56 #40034.
Pentax has allowed us to offer the Gameseeker Essentials Outfit for only $134.99. This great outfit includes the Gameseeker DCF 10x42 Binocular and their 4-12x40 Gameseeker Riflescope. There are also 10 different Pentax Gameseeker Riflescopes to choose from under $100.00.
Minox has announced a very exciting line of Riflescopes that are feature rich and priced to make waves in the market place.
There are still some availability of the Swarovski ATS & STS series of Spotting Scopes at exceptional prices.
2010 is off to a great start and I am sure there will be many exciting new products unveiled @ SHOT. Stay tuned for an exciting year in Sports Optics.
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