Pressure Trace, I know ya'll need a new toy

James D.

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Feb 16, 2002
Houston, TX
Re: Pressure Trace, I know ya\'ll need a new toy

Is their such a thing as having too much information than you know what to do with?

I figured a chrono is useful for the all around shooter that reloads, where would the pressure-trace fit in at? (experimenter, machinist, gunsmith?)


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Jun 12, 2001
Palmer, Alaska
Re: Pressure Trace, I know ya\'ll need a new toy

Myself, I subscribe to the "knowledge is power" point of view so, in this sense, the knowledge of pressure that the rifle is producing can tell you many things.

I've learned in leaps and bounds using my Oehler 43 compared to when I didn't have one, this unit here has quite a bit to offer.

Load work up is faster and positive.

Your normal max loads will often be "well over" max and this will give you early warning.

Too high of pressure will fatuige steel over time!

It comes in usefull in many other ways in the area of diagnostics and can teach you quite a few things from associations, trends and such. Without it you'd never learn alot of this stuff. The stuff you learn from it helps to better understand related things sometimes and this is pretty usefull.

It's not for everbody, some could absolutely care less as long as it goes "bang", some are in between those two somewhere.

Too much information... the last day I'll walk the earth, well I think that would be too much for me to know, I'll take that when it comes. The other stuff, nope, can't never have too much of it.


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