Precision Gun Rest w/ Tri-Pod/Accessories

Jake in NC

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Oct 25, 2002
.. Somehow that gadget looks mighty familiar.. A Hoppe's Varminter rest on steroids, maybe.? Hehehe.. It could be a valid design if made to very tight tolerances, I s'pose.. I think the Varminter's main downfall was it's single point rest design..(Outside of the fact that it was just plain 'ol cheesy.) d:^) JiNC

PS-Geez.. I wonder why that name sounds so familiar, too.?
Jake, there are alot of differences. The Versa-Rest has two arms that swing 360 deg. independent of each other. The tolerances on most parts are plus/minus .0005 Not only are the tolerances extremely tight but both arms are removeable to other mounts as well as several options for each arm. Email lonestarfieldproducts and they will send you lots of data.
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