Prayers for the Nashville Community

It’s been shared on the very forum when I was going to school high school in particular late 70s early 80s they were rifles in the back windows of nearly every pick up truck and there was a buck 110 in my pocket every single day and you never heard of anything like this happening!
I was in high school in the 80's and from early September through Feb, and then in the spring, there was always a rifle, muzzle loader, or shotgun in my vehicle. I also always had a folding knife in my pocket. We NEVER worried about this kind of evil.

I also blame the media for these mass shootings, actually I almost entirely blame the media. The sorry SOB that commits these crimes should never be named, and no pictures should be shown. They should only be referred to as the steaming pile of **** they are and called a coward and terrorist. Many of these cowards are just out to "be seen, be heard" and to get their name in lights. Take that away from them and don't allow any recognition to their cowardly act. Why did Hinkley try to kill Reagan, so he could let Jody Foster know he liked her.

And yes, make all schools a hard target with fast, immediate and LETHAL response.