Prayer request for my sister ...

Just now seeing this, Ed……my new job has me on 3rd shift and I'm a little "out of sorts" with more than just this forum these days. Sending you and your family my thoughts, prayers and LOVE across the miles this morning.
A sister makes your life complete….no matter where she is.


..keep your chin up, always darkest before dawn...she deserves no more pain and suffering no matter what the cost..unfortunately we all go thru these things in our families and eventually with ourselves one way or the other....may the good Lord give you and yours peace and comfort...amen
... so she is enveloped by God's love and peace. She is my last sibling; my sister is an angel, and I love her so much.

I had an hour-long phone meeting with my sister's Palliative Care Team yesterday AM. Her heart is failing and is getting worse. Even a heart transplant will be risky because her body is too weak for the invasive surgery. Tonight, the doctor on duty said she cannot take food and medicine orally through her mouth via a tube, and there is a risk of aspiration. They are going to try via her nose, if I understand correctly.

I had a quick video chat with my sister last night. She is unable to speak but coherent enough to give 🫶 her sign, blew a kiss, and thumbs up. We are flying out to CA today. But I told my brother-in-law if he has to make the hard decision before we get there, he needs to let her go. I do not want her to go through any more suffering. She has been in the ICU (two hospitals) with 6+ cardiac arrests in the last week and a half. I think she is at peace with God's decision for her.


I'll pray

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