Prairie Dog Shoots - 800 round days

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    May 18, 2011
    Hello guys -

    My name is Brian Beisher and I own Big Buck Outfitters. I'm a new Sponsor here at LRH but I've been a long range hunter for years. Len and Andy thought I would be a good fit here partly because I'm very open to clients who want to take animals at long range. In fact, I have quite a few repeat clients who are long rangers. Several of them are members here and one mentioned that he noticed I'd become a Sponsor.

    Prairie dog season is upon us! We are fortunate to have excellent numbers and quality of all the game species we offer, but our top volume shooting experience is still prairie dog hunting. We have a lot of prairie dogs in our area, and if a guy can load, reacquire targets and shoot, 800 round days are not unrealistic. We have one repeat client that has shot over 1,000 rounds a day with us many times.

    We hunt out of our lodge 10 miles south of Sheridan Wyoming and provide lodging, food, airport pickup in Sheridan and guide service for $350 per day.

    I will be offering a discount of $50 off that price per day.

    Please email me or call with any questions or to chat about prairie dogs. I hope to see some of you soon!

    [email protected]
    My good friend and client Dr. David Sporcic who passed away last winter in a duck hunting accident
    My Son Brice with a rare white pd he shot