Prairie deer shoot 2004


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Mar 16, 2003
Boise, Idaho
Holy Crap!
No wonder you long range hunt there - no cover to use to sneak up on anything! At least we have hills and sagebrush to use for cover here in S.W. Idaho.
I love it!
Goatboy were did you get that picture?

I'm amazed how fast pictures get around. Opening weekend was a lot of fun. The far guy in the picture has 4 guns and 4 deer tags. The middle guy is me, trying to spot a long range shot, with 3 guns and 4 tags and the closest guy and the one taking the pictures have one gun each with 1 tag each. 3 does were taken that weekend and I filled my buck tag Sunday morning just over the hill on the second picture at just over 400 yards. Nothing huge, but a nice 5x5. More bucks were spotted than does with never a dull moment. Slow times in the afternoon were spent shooting at a swinging target at 600 yards.

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It's good to see some other nodaks on this board!was begining to think I was the only one.
yeah, I could handle one gun for each deer.
lets see.....If i can get three tags a year that would be three new guns each year..definately could handle that!

And my wife takes two each year.......but I think I would have a hard time convincing her she need two new guns.
my father in law wants to take a deer at 1,000 yards so I am building Him a 7mm ultra mag for the task and I just got one of those wild range finders so we will see if we are up to the task when next year's hunting season rolls around.
so have too much fun and fill all your tags.
It is kind of like tree stand hunting, but as you notice without the trees. I had some new loads that needed testing so four rifles for four deer. My first curiosity was the 175 gr SMK out of my 308 at 2650 fps. I have read that SMK’s are not good for deer because they shoot through like full metal jacket. Then I have read that they are to explosive. I needed to find out for myself. I shot one deer at 700 yards which was a little far for a 308, but it did fine. I shot another at 115 yards and although I hit three inches behind the left front shoulder and took off the top of the heart there was more meat damage than I found acceptable. The 165 Game King hit’s the same spot for me and does a much better job. Although I brought along four rifles it was windy gusting to 23 mph at times so I didn’t take the long shots I would liked to. The 700 yard shot was ten minutes before sunrise (we can hunt ½ hour before) while it was still calm. So now I have loads that will have to wait for next year to try. I could buy more tags, but I don’t think I can eat more venison.

My son used my 300 Win Mag for a couple shots, but both were high. I noticed that it is on at 100 yards, but rises about ¼ inch (at 100 yards) for every 200 yards. At 1000 yards it was shooting about 12 - 13 inches high.
The thing I noticed most between the 308 and 300 mag was resistance to wind drift. While shooting in 20 + mile an hour wind it took me, I think it was six shots, to hit a six inch swinging target at 600 yards. The 300 Win mag hit the first shot, hit the support arm two inches high the second shot, and hit again the third shot.

Anyway, it was perhaps more of a family, friends get together as well as a coffee, coke, cookies eating activity as it was hunting.

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