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    Oct 23, 2009
    I just got my first true long range gun set up, Its a .264 sendero with a grey bull scope on top. Its shooting great and I know .264 win mags are barrel burners so I am looking for a good practice long range gun. I was looking into either a .243 or 7mm-08 in a remington sps with the heavy barrel. I know the stock is junk but I can upgrade. I can get the 7mm-08 locally for 480.00 on sale. What do you guys think....?

  2. The 7mm-08 would be a good choice. If it were me I'd go for something with the same size bullet for ease of reloading and a 6.5x55 would be a good choice.
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    Oct 15, 2007
    I'd save the money to buy a custom barrel after the factory 264 Win Mag barrel is shot out, probably in about 1000 shots. At that point I'd rebarrel it with a custom barrel matched to the kind of shooting you should have decided by then will suit your needs best. The second barrel should be needed about the same time time you're skills improve to the point the old barrel is limiting your shooting. The new barrel should last you the rest of your life with typical hunting use and enough practice to maintain your skill.

    The problem with using other firearms for practice is that you don't know if you're "good" firearms are reliable, don't learn their ballistic characteristics, and you don't condition your body to shoot them. You learn that about your "practice" firearms instead.
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    Any of the 308 based cartridges will be good. The 308, itself, is always a very good choice for a practice rifle and is also a very respectable hunting cartridge with extreme accuracy potential. If you decide to do a little competitive shooting for practice it is still a good choice. My son has made several kills with a Rem 40X F-class rifle in 308.

    The rifle is a little heavy for hunting but the accuracy makes up for that.

    Nothing wrong with the 7-08 if that is what is available. Main job is to get the practice and it dos not matter a whole lot how you get it.
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    Dec 23, 2009
    +1 with Lou