Powders for 300RUM


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Jan 12, 2005
Freebird, give H1000 a try it's a very good powder for the 180 to 210 grain bullets!! If you're loading to fit a factory magazine you can get enough powder in the case to get good velocity even with the long bullets taking up space in the case. More importantly, it gives low SDs and ES!! I would guess that of the last 40, 300 RUMs that Goodgrouper has done load development for, 35 have had the best combination of group size ( and shape ) and good numbers, which allows you to shoot consistently at long ranges, with H 1000.

Retumbo works well when the bullets are seated out in single shots, but in standard mags you'll be crushing powder kernels to get enough in the case to equal the velocity of H1000. The numbers never seem to be as good even if the Retumbo groups well!!

5 or 6 years ago, RL 25 used to be our go to powder but lot to lot consistency has really gone down hill !! It's been hard to get good numbers with RL 25 --- RHB

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Dec 26, 2001
Long Island, New York
Just to give you something different to consider:

In my 300RUM I was experiencing some pressure/brass related problems with normal working loads found in the various manuals. I experimented with slower and slower powders under the Berger 210gr VLD bullet.

In the end I found out that 101.1gr of Hodgdon US869 gave me 3,200 ft/sec with lower pressure than any other load I tried AND reliably produced groups that were less than .5moa @ 200 yds.

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