powder to use?


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Oct 15, 2009
Hey guys! Its a real pleasure to be with a group of guys such as urselves i finally feel like home, im a huge fan of the 7mm stw calibre i personally think it is the best calibre out there. Its very sad to see that nobody wants to produce it anymore and where i live in Alberta its very hard to find ammo, so i did my best to contact as many hunting stores as i can in Alberta to finally gather 20 boxes of ammo. I was not able to find 140 grain as i am used to shooting but in in the process of emptying out the shells and getting them reloaded to 140 grain. My question to u guys is this, i want the flatest shooting round and wanan be able to shoot 140 grain ,what powder should i be using? thx to all and eager to hear from u guys.
Ehden- welcome to the forum. Try posting your question in the "reloading" section or "rifles,barrels, ballistics". Not to many folks other than the Mods look into this section(member introductions). I'm not familiar with the 7STW but there are plenty of those who are floating around here.
Hey, Welcome. Like Terry I'm not fimilar with the caliber. But I know there is alot of smart guys on this forum. I do know theres lots of different powder to try, and each rifle handles them different. Your going to have try a few, and see which one your gun likes. I too am playing with a bunch of different loads and bullets. Just remember that speed is a neccessary, accuracy is still the best. Again Welcome and good luck,and have fungun)Chris
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