Powder recommendations for 25-06?

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by RangerBrad, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. RangerBrad

    RangerBrad Well-Known Member

    Dec 26, 2010
    Hey fellas, been reloading the 25-06 with 54gr of H4831sc under a 115gr berger. I'm sticking with the berger and have my OAL, cartridge components, etc decided on pretty well but would like to try a few diffrent powders. It is important to me that they be temp insensitive. Could yal recommend your favorite powder loads for this caliber so I can try them out? Thank's, Brad
  2. RT2506

    RT2506 Well-Known Member

    Jan 10, 2008
    If you are getting good accuracy I know with 54 grs H-4831sc with 115 gr bullet, which is MAX or just a touch over MAX according to the latest Hodgdon manual, that you are getting between 3100 and 3200 fps from a 24" tube which is about as good as it gets with the 25-06. I get better accuracy in my current 25-06 using 117 Sierra Pro Hunters with 49 grs IMR 4350 and 3000 fps from 26" tube but have never tried the Berger bullets. Some get a slight and I mean slight increase in velocity with H1000 and Retumbo but most of the time the accuracy is a little less. H-4831 and 115 to 120 gr bullets seam to go together like apple pie and ice cream. It is what Hodgdon calls an "Extreme" powder that is supposed to be insensitive to hot/cold temperatures. I have always operated on the if it ain't broke don't try to fix it theory. Save you barrel and money and go have fun hunting.
  3. BillR

    BillR Well-Known Member

    Feb 28, 2002
    4831 SC has always been my mainstay powder for the .25-06. Now that said I have to say that a friend of mine read about using Retumbo in a .25-06 and gave it a try. I do not know the load he is using but that gun shoots awesome with the Retumbo and he is getting higher velocities with it also.
  4. RangerBrad

    RangerBrad Well-Known Member

    Dec 26, 2010
    I have gotten my best accuracy with 51gr and 54gr so decided to go with the 54gr but am seeing velocity average of 3035fps the bullets are set .007 off lands and have tried diffrent depths but this seems to be as accurate as on the lans. A friend recommended R-15 but I understand it is not temp insensitive so I won't use it. Brad
  5. dig

    dig Well-Known Member

    Sep 19, 2010
    Tried several others RE 19, IMR 4064 and 4895 and keep going back to H4831sc. Best consistancy and results, seems like this is becoming my "go to" powder in everything from .243 to 300 Wby.
  6. 112Savage

    112Savage Well-Known Member

    Nov 12, 2011
    I switched from R22 in my 25-06 to Retumbo due to temperature sensitivity. I also switched from the 100 grain Sierra GK to the 117 GK. I am running under max load according to hornady by 2.5 grains. Last check on the chronograph put me around 3100fps in a 26" savage factory barrel. This combination gives me about 0.55 MOA average out to 500 yds.
  7. TimeOnTarget

    TimeOnTarget Well-Known Member

    Sep 23, 2011
    imr 4350 does it for me but i see now reason to switch from h4831sc if its working.

    I burn alot of both powders.. two of the best in my opinion....
  8. 6.5Express

    6.5Express Well-Known Member

    Jun 21, 2011
    Mine likes H1000 with 115 vld's. It's not a hot load with avg velocity about 3065 if I remember right in a 24" barrel. It also liked imr 4831 with 110 accubonds. But, I prefer the h1000 due to it's temp sensitivity. Also, it does well in several other rifles for me.

    Good luck! gun)
  9. OKIE2

    OKIE2 Well-Known Member

    Jul 19, 2007
    I only shoot 87 grainers in mine and get best accuracy with
    3100 60.0 grains &
    imr 4064 50.0 grains
    both give me from 1/4 to 1/2 groups
  10. lever-hed

    lever-hed Well-Known Member

    May 8, 2008
    the 25-06 seems to like to be loaded to max capacity or near. I have had good success with 55-56.5-gr Retumbo with WLR primers (or Fed210's). My velocities are lower (approx 2950 avg) but, I am a big believer in accuracy over velocity. My typical oal are 2.710 to 2.720" (ogv) with the VLD's (thats .030 to .020" off the lands). I have not tried closer oal's then this yet since my accuracy has been under 1" with these loadings. Berger will send you their load data if you email them: (with the 115-gr VLD hunting, start @ 57.5, quit @ 60.5 Retumbo.) Other good powders are: RE-22, RE-25, IMR-4831, IMR-7828, max 54.3 H-4831sc, IMR-4350).

    Savg 110, .25-06
    Douglas 1:10, 22.5" bbl
  11. Firecat

    Firecat Well-Known Member

    Jan 10, 2010
    i'm liking Retumbo right now with 115 bergers. 3150 FPS. Good accuracy too.
  12. WYcoyote

    WYcoyote Well-Known Member

    Jan 15, 2010
    You already stumbled on my rifles favorite load.
    54gr H4831SC and the 115gr Berger hunting VLD.
    I can add nothing.
  13. Txhillbilly

    Txhillbilly Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2010
    My best 25/06 loads are with Reloader 19 and 22.I do have some good loads with H4350 and H4831,but the Reloader powders have always been better for me.
  14. goosepit

    goosepit Member

    Mar 7, 2011
    hello got these loads from Walt Berger hope this gives ya a start like it did for me.

    I still like h4831 117 sierra boattail or 117 pro hunter with 53.1 grains and cci or fed lr primer!!
    shoot great out of 3 different 25-06 2 stock remington bdl's and er shaw bbl on rem action. so far I tried the h4350 with 51.5grains and got perty good groups. but never really twicked loads or anything like that just thought that i would try berger bullet,but having hard time going away from h4831 and 117 grain from sierra. going to shoot some coyotes this end jan/feb with berger bullet to see what they will due on actual game hits. to build confidence up with berger bullets hitting game with high velocity's up close. and see how they compare with dogs shot with sierra bullets with same type shots
    hope this helps with some starter loads. i believe velocity's were with 26" bbls per walt berger
    115 grain ramshotmagnum 53.5 vel of 2778 and max 59.5 3149 fps max load
    h4350 start 46.5 vel 2787 and max 51.6 vel 3088 fps
    h4831 start 48.5 vel 2682 and max 54.3 vel 3022
    h1000 start 52.5 vel 2759 max 58.5 vel 3121
    retumbo start 57.5 vel2952 and max 60.5 vel 3129

    can't figure out how to get his chart on here without it not looking right so type in only few of loads he gave to me through e-mail.