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Jan 9, 2010
New England
Hey guys, long time reader but first post. Mostly because I'm new to long range stuff and just getting into reloading as well, so I'm in no position to be giving advise. I want to start loading .22-250 and .222 and was looking for a powder that would make good loads in both. I would like to start with the V-Max bullets in 50 or 55gr and looking at some charts I see Varget and 4895 as a common powder. Anyone like one over the other? Any other recomendations? or do I need to just go with differtent powders?
I wouls also try 4064.when I had a 22-250 it shot a 52gn bullet with 36.9gn of 4064 really great.I think the group at 100 was around .200 something with a 5 shot group.but think the other powders will work also.so just give them a try and see what happens.
What twist rates and whats the intended range and target?
As long as you dont have a chronagraph or keep a lot of detailed notes you could get IMR3031, varget or H4895 to work in both the 224 and 22-250 with the 50/55grainers.
The rifle is a TC Icon .22-250 I believe it has 1: 12" rifling but I'll have to double check. Mostly target shooting out to 300 yds but would like to shoot to 500yds, Some varmit hunting too. I have a chrono and plan on taking notes and loading for accuracy. Just getting started loading and already have a press and .222 dies that my father used to load with. Guys at the gun club are putting in a group order and I was trying to kill 2 birds with one stone if I could. If it doesn't work out I'll try something else.
My reply was kinda tounge and cheek...When I first started reloading (Late 70s) I had the same thought and found IMR3031 shot good in both the 22-250 and the 223. All was good till I bought a chronagraph and found out my 223 load was just 50fps slower than the 22-250......I had to load the 22-250 down for accuracy and the 223 liked as much as I could fit in the case with a drop tube:rolleyes:
BL-C(2), IMR4895 might just work out for you though?? Never know if you dont give it a try.
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