powder for rem. 7saum

Has anyone got a favorite powder for this caliber shooting the Berger 180vld?Thank's.

I would imaging the same powders that work well in the 7WSM and 7-300WSM. So RE-25, and H1000 would be a good place to start. H1000 should yield better barrel life and RE-25 a little higher velocities.
I/ve had outstanding accuracy with 57.5 grs. of 4831sc and the Berger 180 vld,the drawback's are velocity from 27.5 in. barrel is about 2800 fps and load density is not too good.
I'm currently using 56.5 gr of RL17 with 168 gr Bergers. I'm getting 3050 fps out of a 28" barrel with no pressure signs. I plan on trying H1000 or H4831sc because of the temp stability.
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