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    Apr 11, 2009
    I have been using Vihtavuori N 110 for my 357 and Vihtavuori N 135 for my 30-30 when using 110 grain bullets. When I first picked-up these powders I did so because my job site was close to the store I bought them from. Those powders work wonderfully, but it is a 60+ mile drive and I don't work near there anymore so I need a good substitute in a more commonly carried brand.

    I have candidates for both powder substitutes, I would like your opinions of them.

    Substituting for Vihtavuori N 110; Win 296, AA No 9, and Hodgdon 110.
    The groups remain tight and velocity remain constant with the N 110 all year round. (Also... that was using 158gr bullets, I am considering using 180gr.)

    Substituting for Vihtavuori N 135; Hodgdon 322, (because it is one of their Extreme powders,) and RL-12.
    The reason I use N 135 is that when I tried IMR 4064, a 10 degree temperature drop would equate into a 6" bullet drop at 300 yards; (with the 110gr bullets,) the N 135 remained on target with 40 degree temperature changes.

    Thanks for your time!
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