Powder charge for 7mm Remington Magnum using 168 vld


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Jan 29, 2010
I am using Hodgdon Retumbo Powder and would like to get 2800' to 2950'/sec out of my Savage 7mm Remington Magnum. I'm looking for recommeded powder charges. I checked the Hodgdon site, but didn't see the 7mm Remington listed.

I am trying to make some long range loads and the gun is new. Any suggestions?
I use 73gr H1000 and am getting 3087 fps from a 26" barrel. Seeing H1000 is abit faster than Retumbo you might end up a bit higher than there.
Try a search using retumbo as your keyword, you might have to trawl through a few posts but I am pretty sure you will find what you are looking for.

I emailed Berger, and here is the information from Quickload:
Start Max load density
168 Grain RETUMBO 66.0 2839 70.4 3022 104.7%

I've collected some posts, and here is the synopsis of that combo:

74.9 gr Retumbo, 168 Berger VLD, Federal GM210M primers - my load in my 7mm Rem Mag rifle. My barrel is 24 2/8" long and my MV = 3080 fps.
Bullets loaded 0.006" into the lands shoot very well for me. I've never tried the VLDs backed off the lands as they shoot very well loaded into them.

Berger recommends into the lands or at least at the lands. I tried this and found the 168 did well. It did even better with about 10 thou off lands.

I shoot 168 VLD and 71 grains of retumbo. 3040 fps @ 4800 asl
excellent accuracy in my Sendero....

For what it's worth, out of 26" Hart barreled Sendero 7mm Rem Mag, getting very good accuracy (consistent 1/2 MOA or better) with 168 Berger VLD @ 3065 fps with 72 grains Retumbo, WW brass, and Fed 215 primers. Very consistent velocity spreads after barrel break in. One cool thing I noticed was that as the barrel got more rounds through it, velocity increased a little bit, then leveled off.
73.0 gr of Retumbo is safe in my rifle but 72.5 and 72.0 shot best.
I worked up a load using Retumbo, 168vld, Win. brass.and Fed. 215M's. I started at 69.0grs. and stopped at 72.5grs. 71.5 worked best at 3050fps. I wasn't satisfied with the velocity spread, ES was 30. I ended up using 72.0grs. of H1000...same components and came up with 3025fps with an ES of 5. The H1000 also burns a lot cleaner in my 7mm Rem. Mag than Retumbo. My bullets are seated .010" from the lands. Good luck and load safely.
We just started a load with the 168 Berger vld using RE 22 W-W case and Fed 215 GM. Accuracy was around .5 seating the bullet .01 off. Velocity was 2820 w/ 64.0 grs. RE 22 and MAX. in my Rem. 700 Sendero. We plan on trying H1000 and Retumbo when the weather gets better. Good luck with your loading and be safe.
I saw best accuracy with 71.6 Gr of Retumbo in my 7 mag @ 3025 FPS. The bullets were jammed .005 into the lands and grooves. I ultimately went with 7828 ssc. I use 64.9 gr of IMR 7828ssc and get 2974 fps with bullets jammed .005 into lands and grooves. Less powder and a little bit more accuracy with the 7828 ssc. I only gave up 50 fps but the ES was down to 6 with the 7828 and with retumbo it was in the high teens or low twentys if i remember right. Hope this helps out.
Oh, I also used 4831 sc and could not get it to shoot well, as well as rl22. With rl22 i saw lower velocities and less accuracy out of my 7 mag.
Thanks for all of the replies. You have armed me with a lot of information. I'll let you know how things work out.
Email Berger and they will send you load info.

I'd suggest H1000 extreme 71grain shoots extremely well in mine. 9.5 to 1 twist rate; H4831 sc extreme 63.5 as well. Reloader 25 right around 66 grain charge. biggest thing in my opinion is your Cartridge length for me 3.80 - 3.85 shoot exceptional for me. A good brass is winchester, federal or lapua, all build good pressure and come pretty consistant. Winchester magnum primers give a good constant, hot, presure building ignition. just whats worked for me good luck! have fun
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