portable barrel vise?


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Aug 4, 2008
I need to build a portable barrel vise.
I may be taking my 700 Switch barrel to Africa I have a 7mm mag and a 375 H&H barrel ,
I use a Hart type action wrench and wood block bench mounted vise now.
Weight is a issue!!!
I only torque the barrels to 100 flbs they are greased and lapped so they come apart easy.
I was thinking of a 2"X 1/2"X 2' alu. bar with wood barrel blocks bolting to the end.
Anyone done this or something that works.
I use a davidson barrel vise for my f class rifle. I bought the vise (aluminum) and bolted it to a 2"x2" steel tubing. I slide the tubing in the reciever hitch on my truck. I have a very stable and strong vise. You might could do something similar. If weight would have been a big issue, aluminum tubing would probably been used.
Here's the one I make.

7075 aluminum, rolled threads on the studs, big castle nuts for a crescent wrench.

I'd be equally nervous about quoting it:D

Truthfully I'd need about $500 for another one of these. My long term objective is to duplicate it in steel and have them color cased. Then charge stupid money!. . .

. . .and probably not sell a single one of them!

Oh wellz right?
500 bucks...not surprised. It looks like a lot of machining to make that. On the otherhand if demand was enough maybe a CNC type set up could bring cost down...Just a thought. You'd know better than I.
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I built a portable barrel vise and portable action wrench for a hunting buddy to make his Savage a switch barrel.

I met with him in his state and showed him how to use it with my Savage rifle.
I took the barrel off and put it back on.

5 years have gone by and I don't think he has used it.

It took a long time to hog out parts from 2x2 steel.

But I did learn the error in the McFarland book design for Mauser action wrenches.
But I did learn how to make a portable barrel vise, so I made another one as an action wrench for round receivers.
Well I put this together today.


the metal is 2" x 5/8" Alum. the long piece is 24" long, with Walnut blocks and 5/8"x5" bolts
total weight 4 lb 10 oz with wrench
Granted this won't take a factory barrel off but mine are laped and tightened to 100 ftlbs with grease on the threads they come off easy.
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