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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Flashman, May 20, 2004.

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  1. Flashman

    Flashman Member

    May 20, 2004
    Hi, first post on a forum thats seems to fit my latest fling to the point. I`m posting from Norway, and have returned to the long range shooting fascination after some years where the other shooting interest have been fullfilled.

    I`m in the begining stages of building a long range gun on a Mauser 98 action, it will be fitted with a Kongsberg (local maker) Barrel with a 1-10 twist and chambered for the .308 Norma Magnum Cartrigde (just because I want it [​IMG] ), I`m planning to use som sort of rail scopemount for some additional stiffness to the mauser action, the scope has not been found yet, neither has the stock. The barrel will be set up for a BR reflex T-12 Noise suppressor - which are legal without much red tape here and also works wonders for recoil managment, and puts off the need for hearing aids. It has also a reputation for doing wonders for accuracy - My guess are that they somehow tunes the barrel..

    I`m building on a limited budget for the moment so I`ll be using parts hoarded and stocked througth a lot of years - which at last may find som use... [​IMG].

    The plan is to build a "economic" version to start off with and add refinery as time/interest and money allows. Will not save on steelwork, thou. [​IMG]

    As for longrange hunting goes, its not a very viable option in Norway - the Norwegian courts has setteled for 150 meters as long range and are Fining heavy if outside that limit, so its mostly going to be hunting cardboard at long ranges, but they cant fine the interest..

    My longrange experience are limitied to standard cartrigdes aka .308 to the vincinity of 750 meters from various military sniper systems, used by the norwegian military - where I once was a sniper sqaud leader, still in the armed forces but on other duties..

    Any comments on my planned system, hints, tips or comments would be appreciated... [​IMG] Especially on the scopemounting systems.. [​IMG]

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  2. Skinny Shooter

    Skinny Shooter Well-Known Member

    Jul 25, 2002
    Flashman, welcome to LRH. There are quite a few years of good experience haunting this board. [​IMG]

    I'm fairly new to LRH myself and recently mounted a Badger 20MOA canted base and Maximized rings on my 308. Maybe that is something you could look at.


    Here are some links:
    20 MOA Rail