places to shoot around houston, tx


Feb 6, 2010
seabrook, tx
hi i just recently relocated south of Houston an I'm trying to find a place to shoot that will allow me to shoot out past 300 yards.
I'm looking for public shooting facility or public land or even privet land if any one in the area knows of a place i would really appreciate the lead.
+1 on Bayou Rifles, I was a member there until I moved to Vegas about 4 years ago. The only ther spot is American Shooting Center where you can go to 600 yards. AMC is west just off of I-10 ..out side the loop. both have websites.

Bayou holds public matches every month, you can go on a match day and look around. Otherwise, its members only or as a guest of a member.

search my nra and wheretoshoot links in signature.

many 300+ ranges around houston out to 100 miles that dallas area does not have.
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