Piedmont Buck


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Jun 28, 2010
My wife and I hunted the hell out of this guy. 1200 total trail camera pictures, roughly 150 hours of hunts, 8 micro food plots, and an immense amount of lost sleep.... all brought to an end with a 150gr SST from my .308 at 35 yards. Quite anticlimactic and humbling, to say the least.

I couldn't be happier, and couldn't have enjoyed the chase anymore.

Lastly, we killed him about 35 miles north of Raleigh, NC.


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LOL.... with all the craziness of the internet and employers just looking for an excuse to fire or not hire you, I try to keep my identity as concealed as possible.

.... or..... maybe I am really ugly.
lol yea but at least if you quit your day job we know you'll survive as an artist. Thats some skill son!!!

Seriously, great job on the buck though.
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