pics from the 60's

Bud Martin

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Apr 6, 2009
I finally figured out how to use my scanner . thought some of you guys might like to see some of these old pictures from the 60's. these are of my father and uncles who lion hunted on the ranches here in western Montana and Idaho for problem lions. one of the pics is of a float they had in the county parade in Hamilton Mt. in 1965 it was the only advertising they used for the local ranches. times have changed just a bit I would say.
Nice pics, I love the stories of the old hounds men there are few left. My buddies newest dog came from the Cameron lines in your area, unfreaking believable hound. Those were the good days, now it's hard to find a place to hunt were college kids aren't running around with 50,000 dollar trucks and a 10 dollar dog that can't run a track that is older than a few hours, they just drive there dumb truck up and down the road, they no nothing of how a lion moves or how to find a lion unless it crosses the road in front of them.
I was in Hamilton and Stevi last week, I think a guy would have to be careful of the green lynch mob with natural hemp ropes coming after you.
Sorry for the rant, nice to see someone carrying on the tradition. Are you running any hounds from the lines that are in the pics?
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