Picking out my Christmas present.

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  1. kdog70

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    Oct 19, 2008
    This holiday season I sold my 300 win mag for bills and xmas presents for my gf and family. Which sucked but now I can buy a new one.
    My sisters got me 300 win mag brass(500). My gf got me a SS16X to replace my Weaver scope on my 300 win mag and my parents are going to buy me a new barrel for my Savage.

    Do I go back to 300 win mag. Continue to shoot 208Amax,210 Berger maybe 225 Hornady. I already have redding dies and some bullets left over and 1000 pieces of brass.

    I really want a 7mm again thinking 7-300win mag or 7wsm sell all the other stuff and go start over. What would you do if you shot to 1000yards once a week and to 1700 yards ish once every two months give or take.
  2. trebark

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    Jan 16, 2008
    Kind of a flip-the-coin type of situation. With the 300win mag you can save some cash and shoot heavy bullets waaaay over there.

    If you go 7mm-300, you lose some barrel life but if you can shoot the 180VLD that really carries the mail a long distance.

    you say you shoot 1k regularly. Do you want to be able to hunt at that range? deer? varmints? If the answer is deer, I would probably lean more towards the 300 although the 7mm 180VLD going fast would be hard to beat. Can't run the numbers on this computer.
  3. diriel

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    Sep 22, 2010
    Given that you are already setup for 300wm, heck why not stay with it? Then again, if you go with 7-300 you can still use the brass. I hear Wildcat bullets is currently making a real nice 200gr bullet in 7mm as well!

    Sure wish they could get around to a .25 bullet...:)

    Good shooting,