Picatinny rail questions


Oct 11, 2009
San Clemente
I just purchased a new Savage 12LRPV in 6mmBR.
Now for the scope, rings & base.

Use of rifle is varmints & target - 500 yds+
Scope more than likely NightForce NXS 8-32x56

Looking at Picatinny bases:
Opticsplanet.net has a NF-MT-20MOA base for $114 - (steel I believe).

I need advise on this:
Any other bases? Better prices?
Is 20 MOA enough (I doubt I would ever shoot over 1000 yds)

Which rings & where?
20 MOA is definately enough with the NXS series with 1/4 clicks. I personally like 1/8 for my varmint guns, just because I like to dial it in a bit closer with out so much hold off at extended ranges. And when a 20 moa base is used, there is more than enough elevation.

I have Farrell 30 moa on my 300 ultra. Nice base and reasonably priced. Very compariable to nightforce, badger ordnance and the like.

One thing I do like is Nightforces' one piece 20 moa ring/base combo. Very solid and no alignment issues.
Are you asking who makes good 30mm 1.125 height rings? Depends on how much you want to spend. All of the folks I mentioned earlier all make em. I would recommend going to each website and checking it out.

Badger, Nightforce, Farrell, Leupold mk4, offer very good rings for Picatinny setups.
Badger - rings and bases.

Farrell - rings and bases.

NF - rings and bases.

Near -rings and bases.

All are GTG.

I have Badger and Near.

If you are going to carry this rifle in the bus, Near are very heavy and you might want to consider alloy ones..
One thing to keep in mind, different manufacturers bases are different overall height, which along with diameter of scope and barrel plus desired clearance between the two will dictate ring height.
I have one for the group I do not yet feel comfortable with yet. If I get a 20 moa rail and add a 20 moa ring/one piece unit I now have 40 moa total correct? If I zero at 300 yards will I run out of turns? NF NSX has 65 moa total so ~32 so that one you could zero and still have travel but what about others? Am I lost or on track?

Update to query: I just found the Huskemaw 5-20 moa capability it is 20. So if 10 is mid and you set your zero point at the top of the 20 moa and you have 40 moa with rail and mount (30 moa preset?)where is you zero point (how many yards)? It appears that even at 20 only combo on rings & ramp you would already be 10 moa up. Or I just do not understand. Thanks again for the help and insight.
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PHIL-243...Just out of interest, what did you decide on for your ring/base combo?

MMMooretx...For about 90% of applications adding 20MOA is more than good to 1000yds. Unless you are shooting something that is heavy and slow. If that is the case, then it is not good for longrange.

I don't understand what you are trying to ask, but I can tell you that I have a 30MOA base and warne low rings for my Black Diamond 8x32-50 on my 300 Ultra Mag, and my zero is set at 600yds. I am 8 clicks from bottoming out my vertical at 600yds. For my scope to benefit for the 30moa base and be in the optical center; my ZERO should be closer to 900yds.

Unless I am unaware, which is possible, the only ring setup that allows you to cant your scope is burris (I forgot the name of them), but it's the ones with the inserts. Otherwise, it is strictly a base thing. Your best bet is to go with 20moa one piece base made by any name mentioned earlier in the post. With 1/4 click scope and 20 moa base. you should be able to be on paper at 200 and still be able to dial it up to 1000.
KDB, sorry I guess I worded my query badly. Assuming that the pictinary rail for mounting the scope is hard mounted to action and it has a built in a 20 moa down angle. Then if you mount a single piece scope mount that is a pictinary designed unit like the Night Force or LeRue units they both have an additional 20 moa down slope so combining the two would give you a total of 40 moa down-slope unless my understanding is out of the park. In trying to optimize long range shooting have I made my proposed rifle unusable in the 100-500 yard arena? The Night Force 8X32 56mm NXS scope has 65 moa internal adjustment and the Huskamaw 5X20 50 mm has 20 moa internal adjustment. I think that 20 moa is fine so finding a 0 moa scope mounting system to the 20 moa rail is key, IF I am connecting the right dots....
Thanks for the insights and help.
Mmmooretx...Ok, I see where you were going with that and yes a 20moa rail and standard rings will do you just fine. It will give you the capability to shoot 200 to 1000 with out incident.

Good luck
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