Phone works, computer doesn’t


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Nov 26, 2007
Denver Colorado

Any idea why my account might be Squirrley on a home computer yet works fine on my phone?

I had some time today and was going to peruse the site but every post I went to would not let me enter text for a response.

I opened the app on my phone, and I am able to reply to any forum, as usual.

Just wondering if there’s something weird on my computer that you might be able to see on your end?
Yes, fully logged in under my regular profile.

For whatever reason the screen on my computer shows a reply box below every comment, but it simply asks me to attach a file. It gives no option for entering text.

I’m currently on my phone, as I type this, which is why I have a regular looking text box to respond to you now.

I’ve done everything that I figure ought to, including a full restart of my computer and logging on and off of the forum several times.

Doesn’t seem to change anything. I still get the attach file box but no way to enter text.

I’m not sure what the problem is, but I figured you may be able to see some weird setting that I am unable to.