Pheasant opener in CO

long range dogr

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Feb 12, 2009
Eaton, Colorado
Heres a pic from our opener on the 14th. Allot of birds this year!

WOW, nice hunt you just had!!!
Lots of birds and lots of fun I bet. I just love it when I go out with my dog and have a great hunt like you guys just did.
How about some pics of the dogs??? They deserve the credit also:D
Enjoyed the picture.
I would love to post some pics of the dogs! But my camera was left at my pards house.Thats the only reason why this pic was shot in dark.....

It really sucks to cause my buddys setter worked awesome!Not to brag or anything, but i've had the priveledge to hunt behind some very good dogs!And this was some of the best dog work i've seen yet!

I plan on going out again soon! I'll take some better pics for you fellas.......
what shotgun, load, choke where you using? Im going pheasant hunting for the first time later this year and just trying to gather some info.
thank you much
I used(still am) a weatherby grade III Athena 12 gauge over under, with a modified and improved cylinder choke. Running federal #5 shot. They're the ones with the pheasant forever logo on the box.....

But, I also run my 28 gauge . Stocked with # 6 shot with equal success...

Are you gonna be shooting wild birds, or set? Any shotgun you shoot well will prove lethal. Best of luck to you on your upcoming hunt!
a browning cynergy 20 gauge. 4lbs 11ozs. With #6 prairie storm from federal. Imp cylinder and mod to start the season and a full/mod combo in December.

The cynergy 28ga is next on the list.

mostly pen birds in missouri as far as I can find and maybe some wild ones in kansas.
rem 870 with a mod choke but I have my eye on an over/under maybe a ruger red label or savage.
just doing a lot of research on what to use as far and what chokes to use with what shot size.
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