Personal best "**** shot" this weekend..

Jake in NC

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Oct 25, 2002
.. Hey guys.. I went to the club this weekend for some load development and shooting.. Luckily I found a decent load pretty quickly and got to do a good bit of 750 and 1K shooting.. I'm sure it would have been a lot more fun if the winds had settled down from the 10-25mph they said we were getting..!!
But a great time was had in spite of it and good contact was made..
..Anyhow, I had some clays on a big root bulb at 435 to play with.. I was setting up on one and just couldn't get settled in for the shot so I started figeting with the setup.. I was watching thru the scope the whole time and "fat-fingered" into the Jewell.. The clay I was setting up on exploded..!! Hehehe.. (Yeah, I know I wasn't really s'posed to have my finger in there. I thought I was "out".)

.. While it's nothing to be proud of, there is "x" amount of humor in it.. What's your personal best "****-shot".?? d:^) JiNC