Peregrine "Hog" Bullet


Sep 14, 2021
Knoxville, TN 37932
Thanks to both WildRose and Bullet Bumper for discussion of Expanding Bullets v. Solid Penetrators.

Are there any other calibers from the US Peregrine Company available?

Hope is for a .50 or even (dreaming of) a .58 caliber. Me and quite a few others use Black Powder ML arms. If the bullet performs well at 1200 fps, it may have a role in hot BP loads.

The most favored shot placement and target on a hog is the "Boiler Room" protected by a thick armor like surrounding plate. The favored sportsman-like shot is through the plate into the critical organs behind it. For this shot, I agree with Bullet Bumper and appreciate his examples. Big Boars, and frequently mid-sized ones, can surprise the hunter with their remarkable ability to absorb even well-placed lead, copper, and other metals and still fight and potentially kill. My loss of a small number of prized dogs to killer dying hogs still breaks my heart.

I have chanced on a few HPs, that through deign and quality execution in production retain punch power. This new bullet, maybe has, reached that performance level - we'll see. Butch523