Peregrine "Hog" Bullet


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Feb 3, 2011
N. Texas and S. Africa
Just as a question, would anyone have some reloading data for these? Due to hunting laws I need 1700 ftlbs
They have some on their website, not sure if they have any specific to these as I haven't looked.

Data for any drive band bullet of the same weight should give you a reasonable starting point.

From what I've seen with their other bullets, load data for a standard lead core jacketed bullet of the same wt will be a comparatively light load.

For 140gr VRG and VLR 4's I've found I can use data for 130gr conventional bullets as a safe starting point.

As always, use your best judgement, start low and work up slow.

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Dec 24, 2017
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Well as hogs become the scourge of ranchers and farmers all over a broad swath of the US Peregrine has finished their "HOG" bullet which is a project that's been in development for several years now.

This is yet another of their monolithic red copper expanding bullets with something of a twist. These have a large hollow point cavity which is cross cut to guarantee complete opening at handgun and lever gun velocities.

View attachment 82932

Consider the damage this thing will do spinning at 30,000 rpm's or so as it cuts it's way through even the nastiest of hogs.

I've been shooting Federal's HST LE Ammo in my .45acp and .40 S&W for several years as a backup hog weapon and to carry on bird hunts "just in case" and quite frankly it's simply not going to get the job done even with good body shots unless you just keep pumping them in to the poor porkers which is not my ideal "go to" plan in an emergency.

These are specifically designed to function flawlessly in both revolvers and lever guns so I'm probably going to get some to load for at least the .45acp, .40 S&W, and 45-70. Looks like an awesome choice as well for bear defense.

They make them in a number of calibers and weights. If I had a .450 Bushmaster or similar AR for hog hunting I'd love to see how they'd perform in that platform as well.
View attachment 82932
It's nice to see we're getting some interesting alternatives in the market specifically designed for what we're doing. WR

The Hog also known as Hog Master bullet is an accurate and high performance bullet specifically designed for hunting with Magnum Handguns and Lever Action Rifles. This is an extremely lethal bullet similar in performance to the SD range for Self Defence bullets but slightly heavier for the increased penetration required to hunt larger frame animals. Expect this very popular bullet to exceed your wildest expectations. It also comes with the trade mark low shot start pressure, low recoil and increased muzzle velocity common to Peregrine Bullets products.
From what I can tell, they offer that bullet in a 170 grain option for the .45 and 130 grain option for the .40. Getting 1200 fps may be tougher for a .45 ACP than getting the 130 to make 1200fps from a .40 S&W. Sounds like optimal bullet performance hinges on the 1200 fps minimum. I'd sure like to try them out in my 6" G20/ 10mm. Could easily get 1600 fps+ without getting too crazy. Being only 130 grains or even 170 and the design of the bullet, I'd prefer it for a hunting bullet shooting a relaxed animal much more so than a bear or charging hog. For that scenario, I'd want a bullet that drives deep thru heavy bone, skull etc simply because the shot placement may be more of an unknown. That 130/170 placed in the vitals (lungs, heart) would destroy and shred a massive wound channel and remove the vitals at the same time. Interesting looking projectile.


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Nov 3, 2013
London, UK
Hi folks,

Well, long time coming but should be getting around to doing something with Peregrine bullets.

In a couple of weeks should have some 180gr Hog and 205gr VRGs here for loading. Will probably use N110 as Barnes seems to recommend it for their 200 and 225gr XPB bullets (and I can get it here)


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