Penrod Custom Switch Barrel rifle 7mmMag/338WinMag


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Jun 7, 2017
Pittsburgh, PA
For Sale:
Custom switch barrel rifle made by Mark Penrod of Penrod Precision
(serial # G3XXXX9)

*It is built on a current model 70 Winchester CRF action in stainless steel. Presently has a 7MM Rem mag barrel installed with a fitted 338 Win mag barrel included. The switch can be done by a gunsmith for about $50.

- 7 Mag barrel is by Lilja with a Vais muzzle brake installed. Barrel length is 24" to the beginning of the brake.
- 338 barrel is by Shilen and does not have a brake. Barrel length is 23".
- Stock is a D'Arcy Echols style by McMillan (LOP is 13.75")
- Talley scope bases installed.
- Action trued and blueprinted by Mark Penrod.
- Approximately 100 round fired through the 338 barrel and about 30 through 7 mag barrel.
- Williams extractor and bottom metal.

$2850 + $50 shipped insured in hard Plano case to lower 48 Non-FFL to FFL

*I plan to post more pictures in the future...IF it lasts that long! ;)

Penrod Pictures:

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