pellet burner


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Sep 3, 2010
Morning all
I have a 12x14 wall tent with a yukon 3 cylinder stove. I have been seriously considereing adding a pellet burner on the back of the cylinder stove. The website indicates a 12 hour continuous burn and can burn conventional wood as well.
Has anybody used a setup similar to what i am thinking.
Do they work well?


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Oct 4, 2006
Oregon City, OR
We switched to a pellet stove 4 years ago. The reasons we switched is Our hunting area is sparse on wood and we would bring it with us taking up to much space, the wood stove burnt it to fast, and you had to keep stooking it all night to keep warm.

The pellet stove will burn all night on 3/4 of a bag. 12 hours would be streching it, more like 8 hours per bag. They can be a pain to start, but onces it running it is really nice. The bags stack well. Do your self a favor and buy good pellets. The cheaper ones just do not burn as hot or clean and can be a pain to start.

A stove that burns both may be nice, but I would not go back to a wood stove.