Sep 20, 2023
Yukon Oklahoma
Just finished lightening and updating the paramount. It shoots great. Only thing left is to figure out some peep sights if I can't use an optic later.


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Can you elaborate on what it took to switch the stock? Was the stock specifically inletted for the Paramount or was it a stanadard Remington? Cost?
Paramount will fit any short action rem700 stock with a proof sendero barrel inlet. I did have to do a little work on this one to get the barrel lug and a small spot where the trigger pins were hitting. Small issue quick work with a grinder.

I bought this stock used for like $900. AG composites, manners, and pure precision have options also that would work.
Too bad CVA had to use something other than BDL bottom metal on the Paramount Pro.

Contemplating a carbon fiber stock, but the Paramount Pro stock isn't too heavy. Looks like the Black Friday sales would get a nice carbon fiber down to $600-$700 plus $150 for BDL bottom metal. I could order an ADL single shot and the ADL trigger guard is only $40.

I am going to bed the Paramount Pro factory stock with Devcon first and see how it shoots. The stock is pretty flexible and it doesn't take much force on the bipod to run the stock into the barrel.