Paradigm carbon fiber .224 1:7” blank


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Apr 24, 2010
Central Ohio
Brand new (it’s a blank) and will finish anywhere under 26”. This is the ultralight model and is currently 27”. $760 shipped insured to the lower 48. Thank you
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I've never heard of Paradigm carbon fiber barrels. If these are just Proof Research barrels sold by another company, just skip it.

I would like to see an overall picture and then a couple of detail pictures at least.

Not much info on their site to inspire one.
They are superb barrels!

i have built 4 rifles with them, one with this exact same style & twist rate barrel on a 22 CM and its a tack driver.

proof Is having to many defects now, they make good barrels but need to step up there QC.
What is barrel diameter at 24”...just to confirm it would closely match a Remington Sendero/Proof Sendero contour?