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Apr 23, 2011
Southeast PA
I’m in the market for some new bottoms. Here’s some background: i hunt northeastern PA. Rifle season opens after Thanksgiving. Temps can be from below freezing to mid 50’s all in the same day. I have a short walk to my hunting spot, which is a hill that overlooks a swamp. I generally wear many layers as my walk is literally two minutes from my vehicle. However, as the day progresses, I like to walk around a bit, relocate, glass new areas, etc. my current system makes these walks way too uncomfortable, and I need a better, more layered solution.

I currently have a set of Field and Stream bibs and a jacket that I got on clearance for $100 total years ago that are actually really good. Warm as they are, they’re a PAIN to walk around in. I recently bought a Gyde heated vest liner and that thing is money when I’m sitting still. I just got an AFTCO Reaper fleece mossy oak hoodie as well, which has a built in VENTED face mask/neck gaiter. Zero cold air getting down my jacket. I think my UA liner, then red head thermal, Gyde vest, and aftco hoodie will provide me warmth while sitting, with the ability to easily remove layers for still hunting/stalking.

I could probably still use the bibs for sitting still, but I need to be able to peel them off and have the next layer be flexible enough to cross over rocks/logs while providing adequate warmth should my stalk turn into a waiting game. The material needs to be quiet and not pick up burrs and twigs. Lightweight is also a must.

Your help is much appre


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