SOLD/EXPIRED Palm M105 $10

Kevin Cram

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Mar 9, 2004
Danville, PA
Palm M105 $10 SOLD

I have a Palm M105 that I only ever ran exbal on, which has been removed from it. It worked fine but I upgraded to a newer model with a color screen. The M105 has been sitting around for a while so if someone can use it's yours. I'm only asking $10 as that should cover the shipping plus my gas. I'd also be willing to trade for a Nightforce 8-32 scope:D
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I just happen to have a brand new in the box 8x32 NXS that I would be willing to trade, and make up the difference in cash for your Palm M105. :rolleyes:
if I buy this will you throw in your Zeiss 6-20 scope ? maybe I can get a two fer . all joking aside if I get your scope I'd like this also . thanks Jim
If Jim doesnt take this then I'd like to have it. Just pm me and let me know what happens.

Mike May
Then I'll take it Kevin. As soon as you confirm I'll get the money out to you.