Pair 243 AI Rem 700


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Feb 15, 2018
Iron range, MN
I have a pair of Remington 700s I am looking at sending down the road. Both guns have factory barrels rechambered in 243 Akley Improved. I was planning on using the factory barrels for fire forming and load development instead of wear and tear on an aftermarket barrel. As life goes I never got around to any of it! So wondering if there is any interest in selling as complete or barreled actions only. Scopes not included in picture. I can post or Text more pictures when I'm home tonight and will post one with date and user name after work.

1) Remington 700 SPS Varmint 26" heavy barrel Sold
243 AI chamber in factory barrel, 20 shots through barrel before re-chambering into an AI, none fired since. Bought brand new by myself. Includes factory black tuperware varmint stock $600 OBO includes shipping

2) Remington 700 Sporter
Older action with factory sporter barrel re-chambered in 243 AI
I bought this action as a complete gun with an aftermarket 223 barrel on it. Replaced barrel to a new take off factory 243 barrel and had it made into an AI at that time. Barrel hasn't had a round though it as far as I know. Action has had some cosmetic work done by a previous owner, bolt handle was changed or smoothed out. Has a newer factory tuperware camo stock on it at the moment. $500 OBO includes shipping


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