Packlite Rilfe Systems, by Straight Jacket Armory LL


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Dec 11, 2018
Evanston, Wy
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Does your rifle system lend itself in any environment?

We are NOT here to sell you “long range out the box” we are here to provide you with the ultimate light weight precision hunting rifle, Born from Tactical rifle competitions, and delivered to you with a education package the delivers results. Available in almost anything chamber/ including the new PRC, Norma Magnums and MUCH MORE

Our Packlite rifle systems are able to move flex and contort themselves so any nasty shooting terrain becomes a rock solid shooting position.

A 2 day Precision rifle hunting class comes free with each rifle we sell and ensures your success in the field. We know our success goes hand in hand with YOUR SUCCESS in the field and on the range.

Rifles are ordered VIA phone in as we like to have a personal conversation about your build before orders are placed to ensure this rifle is exactly what you want.

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