Pack Gun Idea

I think a 7mm-08 with one of those MPI or Lonewolf stocks, 20" thin barrel, fluted. Get a compact scope and it should be real light.
Hey blacktail, Ive been packing a Kimber montana in the cascade backcountry for blacktails and elk for the last two seasons now, very light and easy to pack all week. Have two of the kimber 8400's, a 300 WSM, and the 325 WSM. Although one was very finicky, they both shoot very well, plenty good enough for your 500 yds.
I have a Kimber Montana in 300 WSM and for me it's perfect for anything in the backcountry in the lower 48. It is super light, handles awesome and shoots great. It does take some getting used to as shooting it is (for me)...well...violent. I've been shooting 300 magnums since I was ten and this one by far has the most recoil and takes the most effort to control. It's not completely unmanageable and the tradeoffs are great, I just think you should know what you are getting into. For what it's worth, I also have a great Model 7 Stainless that shoots Barnes X bullets into a half inch and it never makes it out of the safe during deer/elk/bear season. Best of luck...this is the funnest part.
I had a model 700 LSS in 300 WM. A while back I sent it to Hill Country Rifles to have it accurized and install the McMillan Edge stock. It should come in around 6.5 to 6.75 lbs for the rifle. Should be done real soon. It was always a good shooter just too heavy for those long days. I think it's going to be the bomb. When I recuperate from this, I want that 338 Edge that everyone keeps talking about.

Does anyone know how to spell recuperate? Is that right?
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