PA archery bulls and some rut shots..



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Frank, this guy might have you beat.
HOLY MOLY. Those are 2 of the Biggest. 👍
..let's wait til' I post the frontal shot photos before we judge...the outfitter hasn't posted them yet and I don't until they do out of respect...besides none is meant to compare anyway, I wish they'd give me a bull tag after waiting 21 years for a tag...I have two photos that will knock your socks off..and as someone said they bring most of them out whole because of horses, handmade carts and always a ton of guys who help..

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..OK, from the outfitters camera at 2 in the morning after a long extraction.. very symmetrical by the looks of things, you have points of reference so add it add up and let's hear your guess...View attachment 496610
What a beautiful Bull Elk. I would guess 418, I just have one question, If the extraction was long and hard why is he in one piece!!!
..almost a week in and 8 bulls have been checked so far. Some really beautiful bulls and headgear showing up with more to come from the super units. Again not all my photos, thanks to all the great photographers out there. CONGRATULATIONS to the lucky dawgs and enjoy the photos as usual....
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Those are something else. o_O Thanks for the pictures.
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