P Dog Hunting in SD with a thermal scope


Jan 10, 2015
Minnesota, USA
I am in the process of selecting either a thermal scope (N-Vision HALO 50 LR) or just go with N-Visions Atlas 50 binocular. This will be a 3rd rifle (this build will be a 204 Ruger) and I have an extra NF 3.5-15x56 scope I can mount on it. FWIW, my other 2 builds are 26".223's with the same scope mounted.

I love the portability of a thermal binocular but have to consider a thermal sight mounted on this new build. (Another 26" heavy varmint barrel - with the thermal, NOT very portable...) Does anyone have experience with a thermal scope shooting P Dogs out in South Dakota? I'd like to hear about it. TIA Stu.


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