Oversize bore brush issues

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    Jan 27, 2005
    I've been using Holland's oversize brushes in two of my barrels, along with witches brew. (Just started with the coppermelt) My barrels show (through a borescope) small grooves in the lands, especially in the the first half (chamber end) of the barrel. I am wondering if these oversize brushes are causing this.

    Or, Maybe I have gotton the barrel too hot. I am cleaning every 20 to 30 rounds, and the barrel has 690 rounds through it. Again, it is a 264 barrel burning 58gr. of Reloader 19 behind 120 ballistic tips chronoed at 3190. The throat had moved about 0.110" since it was new. Just thought I'd share all possibly pertinent information.

    I've only had a borescope for a little while, bought it about the time I had 300 rds. thru this barrel, grooves were visible at this time.

    I'm now using coppermelt and don't need bronze brushes at all, but had discontinued using oversize brushes just to see if it made a difference. I haven't noticed any more, or less, grooves.

    Just looking for information as I am having a rig built and don't want to foul up another tube if I can help it.

    Thanks fellers,