Outlaw Sling Review By Troy Adams


Mar 6, 2008
Gary Matthews of Timber Butte Outdoors saw a need for a better rifle sling design, not just for those who carry heavy rifles, but for most any type of rifle or shotgun that uses a sling design for transport. Unlike me (the whiner), Gary (the innovator) decided to do something about it. He created a sling with double shoulder straps much like a backpack. His sling makes carrying a heavy rifle (or any slung shotgun or rifle) almost a non-issue. It distributes the weight over both shoulders instead of one, resulting in less fatigue on your upper body. Since it goes over both shoulders the rifle slipping off your shoulder is no longer a concern, as it is virtually “slip proof”. Read More...
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Nice article, you made me laugh a couple of times while reading it. The Outlaw Sling is probably a good recommendation for backpack hunters like me. Specially for the times when we get to our honey holes where we already have camp set up, and are focused on hunting our sacred spots. Thanks for sharing. Do you know how much the Outlaw Sling weights?. Anyway, would be nice to read some more experiences with it from other members of this site.
HUAINAMACHERO, I do not know what the sling weighs, but it is very light weight and basically a non-factor even for a back pack wilderness hunter. It actually weighs less than a number of single shoulder slings I own.
Anyway, would be nice to read some more experiences with it from other members of this site.

I have been using the Outlaw sling this past season and love it. It functions just like a double shoulder sling that I rigged up 6 or 7 years ago for my own use. I posted a picture here on LRH back at that time.

You can buy the Outlaw sling here at the LongRangeHuntingGearShop.
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I don't see how you can wear it with a pack.

I use an Eberlestock Gunslinger backpack, which has a fabulous built-in gun storage compartment.
Seems like a good idea and at a reasonable price...hey anything that reduces the foul language must work.
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I have i use on my 14lb. 338 edge. It works great. I use 2 pieces of velcro to wrap the 2 slings together once i get to my hunting spot.
Hello Everyone,

My name is Gary Mathews, I am the inventor and owner of the Outlaw Sling (patent pending) & Timber Butte Outdoors.

For those of you that would like to see more pictures, here are a few. There are pictures of TBO ProStaff Kevin Lukens, and Jenn carrying their rifles over a pack. Kevin is wearing a Maxpedition Pack.


Here are pictures of 9 year old Charlie, & his dad TBO ProStaff Brendan LoCicero with his DTech AR15.
http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r120/RenegadeGary/TBO Pictures/June2009CharlieOutlaw1.jpg
http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r120/RenegadeGary/TBO Pictures/June2009BrendanOutlaw.jpg
http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r120/RenegadeGary/TBO Pictures/June2009BrendanOutlaw1.jpg

I hope these picture helped you with your decision to own your own Outlaw Sling.

Troy, Thank You for the review - It was great.

Len, Thank You for your write up also, I appreciate it.

Good Hunting
I tried one today on my predator gun. I was totally frustrated with it. It can,t be used with a pack. The webbing is so long that I was stepping on it as I was hiking. It was catching on the brush. It would not stay on my shoulder when carried in the convential way over on shoulder. The webbing bunched up in the swivels.It will be collecting dust with the rest of the sub par slings that I have aquired over the years. The best one so far is the Latigo sling from Brownells. I own 3 and will be putting one on my predator gun when the sling arrives.
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